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To be eligible to receive benefits under this Agreement and this Exhibit A, Inspector will provide referrals of potential clients to RWS. For each Qualified Referral provided to RWS by Inspector and accepted in writing by RWS (a) RWS will provide a free Alarm Inspection where available to such Qualified Referral upon such Qualified Referral's request, and (b) Inspector will be eligible to receive an Incentive under one of the Programs described below. Inspector must provide RWS with the name, address, inspection date, and at least one contact phone number of the client (even if the property to be inspected does not have an alarm system) prior to the client's home inspection being conducted by the Inspector.

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The RIGHT Concierge - This is 100% FREE to add to your account. The Inspector Services Group Concierge is a revolutionary concept combining concierge level services with zero conflicts with agents/brokers utilizing similar services Additionally, we offer by far the greatest benefits package to all participants to provide to their buyers when they choose you for their inspection.

Porch for Inspectors - This is 100% FREE to add to your account, includes all the benefits of the selected program above, and additinally includes the following benefits from Porch:
  • Porch Home Assistant:
    • A delightful personal assistant for your customers; easy opt-out; there to help, not sell.
    • There to transfer utilities, make the move easy, set up home services, and ongoing maintenance/repairs
  • Profile on Porch.com & Free Review Collection Service
    • Ongoing inspection referrals back to your company at no cost
    • Home Inspection leads on Porch.com are free
    • 3rd party independent review service provided by Porch to boost 5-star reviews online

*Program B, levels are established as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10, and correlate to the overall close rate for client. Under the Cash per Lead program, Inspector will begin being paid per lead as soon as a Level 1 category has been established, and will be paid $2.00 per Lead for each level with the exception of Level 10, in which case the lead fee is $25.00 (i.e. a Level 3 participant will receive $6.00 per lead). Under this program, The Cash per Lead + Option RecallChek Program, the base fee for the RecallChek will be $6.00, and as soon as the inspector has established leads at a Level 3 or above those fees are waived. Under the 90-Day Home Warranty program (Program C), the base fee for the 90-Day Home Warranty will be $8 (or the 100-Day Home Warranty will be $9). Lead value is based on a six month rolling average, and due to the nature of the business may take 60-90 days to become established. Should lead value drop to below eligibility level, the cost per warranty would be re-established.

**On the ISG Rewards program, submission of leads is suggested but not required. RWS will provide inspector with promotional material that gives the client the opportunity to call us only rather than receiving a call. Fee may be transferred to client (program E) and in that case it will be represented as a rebate towards the inspection.

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